Warning on solar battery regulation

A move to impose tough rules on batteries storing energy from solar panels would kill the industry, suppliers warn.

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One Response to “Warning on solar battery regulation”

  1. Joe Booth says:

    i note your article on the proposed regulations for battery storage. i wonder if this now means that they will require us to build concrete external bunkers to house all these electric cars they are wanting us to drive in the near future. Given the growing resistance to consumers becoming power independent by the power/grid producers with cosy monopolies, i wonder who is ‘assisting’ Standards Australia prepare such new regulation.
    Lithium-ion batteries have been around for over 20 yearsand now must surely count in the billions as manufactured, and how many fires have been attributed to them? (please exclude a bunch of cheap consumer market incidents like those useless electric hoverboards which need to better regulated for quality) Go figure the percentages on that!
    There are now over 2 million electric cars on the worlds roads, and at current rates that will scoot past 10 million in the next 5-6 years. how many reports of home storage battery and/or electric car fires have been reported?

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