Archive for December 13th, 2021

Yubico YubiKey Bio offer a new element of security

The move away from relying on passwords and using biometric authentication instead is gathering steam. We already rely heavily on face and fingerprint recognition to unlock phones and access apps on them, but this movement isn’t restricted to mobile… Read More

Afterpay shareholders to vote on $39bn Square merger

Afterpay shareholders are set to vote shortly to approve the BNPL company’s $39bn merger with Jack Dorsey’s US payments giant Square – now named Block, following a weeks-long delay. The virtual meeting, which will kick off at 9am, was pushed back due… Read More

special ‘wallets’ to keep hackers at bay

Cryptocurrency is a risky business to start with, with a volatility that lets you gain or lose lots of money quickly. Further, you run the gauntlet of at least three more ways your investments can evaporate. Firstly, you could fall prey to scammers… Read More

Creative tension: Adobe Creative Cloud Express challenges Australia’s Canva

US giant Adobe has released a creative software platform that targets the market of successful Australian start-up Canva. Canva is one of the world’s most valuable start-ups with a $55bn valuation, thanks to its creative graphic design platform which… Read More

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