Labor's Mooney hits the 'Net

by Chris Griffith
Published 28 January 1996 in The Sunday Mail


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Labor's candidate for Mundingburra, Tony Mooney, is peddling his political wares on the newest of campaign media, the Internet.

Mr Mooney now has an Internet home page, and he can be contacted by electronic mail (e-mail).

But a viewing of Mr Mooney's home page suggests that while the medium has changed, the campaign message is just the same.

A smiling portrait shot and family photo, a personal resume, and a list of political achievements are like those in any ALP campaign brochure -- except for a hot link to that formidable Internet site, "ALP Online", just a mouse-click away.

But alas -- Liberal Party campaign director Jim Barron says Mr Tanti will not be matching Mr Mooney's passion for computer-based campaigning.

"Frank hasn't the time to surf the net, and he is not intending to sell his message in cyberspace," Mr Barron said yesterday.

Presumably Mr Tanti's knuckles are so chafed from door-knocking 20,000 houses that his fingers couldn't use a keyboard anyway.

Independent candidate Ken Davies said he too would not be campaigning on the Internet -- scotching rumours that Harry M. Miller may have compiled a list of last week bombshells in a Ken Davies Internet home page.

That leaves Cr Mooney to share the Internet with another cyber-high-flyer, Health Minister Peter Beattie, whose novel was published on the 'Net last year.

Mr Mooney's home page is at His e-mail address is