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The material below comes from my original website published in 1995 when I was employed as a freelancer. For later material please see
The Courier-Mail website and The Australian website.

In 1996 Point USA rated the original website in the top 5% of Internet sites.

WARNING: The following people have a record of dubious financial dealings with the public, in Queensland, and in some cases, interstate and overseas. Please e-mail me in confidence if you have recently dealt with them.

Bon Levi (aka Ronald Frederick)

Levi also is known as Ron Frederick, Brett Ywatt, Roddy Farrow, Ronald Heelan, George Cawthorn, Randy Heelan, Ronald Appylgate, Fred Leuve, Ronald White, Randy Frederick, Bonaldo Levi, John McCory, and Rod Anderson.

Donald James Joseph Cameron

Donald James Joseph Cameron has led a long and rich professional career, practising as a doctor, pastor and lawyer. Or more accurately, he has pretended to. In reality, he is a conman who has spent 24 years in prison. As Dr Thompson he prescribed medication and even helped in a cancer operation in 1979. As Pastor Don Cameron, he founded the Church of Love and Peace while serving seven years for false pretences in Borallon Correctional Centre.

But it is Don Cameron self-styled lawyer, barrister and now Queen's Counsel, that has authorities bemused and amused. With more than 20 convictions since 1961 including stealing, false pretences, forgery and indecent assault, Cameron has never been admitted as a lawyer although he studied law in jail from 1980-83.