Police join the Internet

by Chris Griffith
Published 2 June 1996 in The Sunday Mail


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The Queensland Police Service will soon be found on the information super-highway, the Internet.

Police information security manager, Caroline Allinson, said police headquarters was planning to create Internet World Wide Web pages on a variety of topics including community policing and personal safety, media releases, and traffic information.

The information would be available to any Internet user.

She said a submission would go to the service's Information Steering Committee this month. A July start to development was expected if the project was approved.

Ms Allinson said the Police Service would not be placing its data with existing Internet service providers. Police would have their own Internet server for security reasons. It was unlikely police initially would place details of unsolved crimes and the state's most wanted list on the Internet because of privacy concerns.

Some law enforcement authorities have used the Internet to publish extensive details of notorious cases, their most-wanted fugitives, and photos of missing persons.

"Some of the US and UK law enforcement agencies were putting a lot of extra detail about people than necessary. We'll still have to look at these areas."

She said electronic mail (e-mail) and other internet services would be considered later.