Shyster finds one true believer

by Chris Griffith
Published 1 November 1998 in The Sunday Mail


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One Nation state leader Bill Feldman has defended his role as patron of convicted conman Don Cameron's new legal vehicle, Remedial Justice Association Inc.

Mr Feldman, a former police officer, said he admired Cameron's tenacity "in a profession where elitists rule".

Cameron's extensive criminal record did not worry him, nor did the unqualified lawyer's use of the initials QC.

"I don't think he uses the QC as Queen's Counsel; he uses the QC as Queensland criminal,"' Mr Feldman said.

"When it takes a man who's gained a diploma through the prison system to change things from the inside, it's a very sad state. I think he's a man who shows integrity.''

Despite being patron of Cameron's legal service, he admitted never seeing his qualifications.